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Thursday, December 08, 2005

[eBook] Spam-Proof Your E-Mail Address by Brian Livingston Finally found!

The original spam email harvesting project.

Personal note:

Yes, I've finally found the home of Project Honeypot today! I've been looking for this for this for the past two months and all google seems to return are links to articles. Visiting did not provide any links the first few times I visited it.

Neumann@SRI RISK digest

Found an interesting mailing list quite a while back just before I got my RSI and lost my ability to type. Here's a link to index to articles on SPAM.

There's also another article by Marcus Ranum about the Security Myth that security has to be inconvenient. His comments that security often fails because:
  1. Security measure does not try to solve the problem - the just work harder approach, that ignores the fundamental problems.
  2. Security measures ignore human factors - users refuse or fail to use measures that they don't understand or require lots of effort.